Directing the Sanctification of the Family, May 10

Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it. Proverbs 22:6. YRP 139.1

I appeal to parents to prepare themselves and their children to unite with the family above. Get ready, for Christ’s sake, get ready to meet your Lord in peace. Begin to work in your family on right lines. Get down to the root of the matter. Bring the truth into your homes, to sanctify and purify them. Do not keep it in the outer court. How blind many professing Christians are to their own interests! How utterly they fail to see what Christ would do for them were He admitted into their homes. Let Christians work as earnestly to win the crown of life as worldlings work to win earthly advantages, and the church of God will certainly move forward with power…. YRP 139.2

The Holy Spirit produces actions that are in harmony with the law of God. The regenerating work of the Spirit will be seen in families where painstaking efforts are put forth to manifest kindness, patience, and love. Almighty power is at work, preparing minds and hearts to submit to the molding influence of the Holy Spirit, leading parents to sanctify themselves, that their children also may be sanctified. YRP 139.3

The home in which the members are polite, courteous Christians exerts a far-reaching influence for good. Other families will mark the results attained by such a home, and will follow the example set, in their turn guarding the home against satanic influences. YRP 139.4

The angels of God will often visit the home in which the will of God bears sway. Under the power of divine grace such a home becomes a place of refreshing to worn, weary pilgrims. By watchfully guarding, self is kept from asserting itself. Correct habits are formed. There is a careful recognition of the rights of others. The faith that works by love and purifies the soul stands at the helm, presiding over the whole household. Under the hallowed influence of such a home, the principle of brotherhood laid down in the Word of God is more widely recognized and obeyed.—The Southern Watchman, January 19, 1904

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