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SINGAPORE: President Halimah Yacob and Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong on Tuesday (May 21) congratulated Indonesian President Joko Widodo on


Brunei’s Sultan Backs Away From Sharia, But Not Very Far

Although Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah of Brunei was forced on May 6 by international outrage to back away from strict Islamic


Indonesia Is Home to the Most Climate Change Deniers in the World

Indonesia has recently come on top of a global list, but it’s not anything Indonesians should be proud of. The


And the least feminist nation in the world is… Denmark?

It is one of the best places in the world to be a woman, with a narrow gender pay gap, equal


Singapore confirms first case of monkeypox,

SINGAPORE: A case of imported monkeypox infection has been confirmed in Singapore.  The patient is a 38-year-old Nigerian who arrived on Apr


Nothing Unites Southeast Asians Faster Than Seeing a White Man Insult Their Food

ASEAN countries may have a hard time agreeing on issues like border disputes, human rights or economy integration. But it’s really, really easy to


Singapore fake news law polices chats and online platforms

Singapore has passed a controversial anti-fake news law that gives authorities sweeping powers to police online platforms and even private


Consumer Alert: Tylenol’s Empathy-Killing Properties Confirmed in 2nd Study

Two highly concerning clinical studies in four years reveal that Tylenol not only kills the pain but human empathy as


“The Attack Against The Rich Has Begun”

Academic and author Rainer Zitelmann has reason to worry. In writing his latest book, The Power of Capitalism: A Journey Through Recent History Across


Those awful, scary people over there

The bees at Lafayette Square are familiar to me. They have buzzed around me before, curious but not hostile. When